Carp Care

Thanks to our close links with JRC, we are fortunate to be able to provide our swims with weighslings, unhooking mats, landing nets and tripods for our customers so you don't have to take them with you. This saves space in the car and reduces the risk of water contamination.


Because the use of a boat is pretty much neccesary, boats are provided by us free of charge. You only need to bring your own battery and electric motor. The use of outboard engines is not allowed.


Be sure to use a lifejacket when you go out on the lake! It is obligatory to bring one with you when you come and fish here. This is to maintain the safety of you and our guests.


When we bought the lake, it was not yet possible to drive around it by car. Because of the clay soil you immediately got stuck. Since then, heavy investments have been made to make the swims accessible and now, 600 tons of gravel later, you can park your car at each swim.

Sanitary facilities

Because permit applications take time in France, we were forced to start with very basic sanitary facilities. Only one ecological dry toilet is available at the moment.