Catch reports

Fish Stock Blackberry Lake

Our aim is a varied stock of the purest possible origin. This means buying small fish from the breeder or breeding them ourselves. We have released fish from German supplier Peschkes for the fast-growing Hungarian type and through Kingfish we obtained a selection of Valkenswaard, Czech and French beauties, fish that will adorn many a photo album. In order to make the starting period a bit interesting for the fishermen who like to catch bigger specimens, we contacted a French breeder this winter and placed an additional order fot 65 fish between 12 and 22 kg. We also started up the water with a selection of fish from our own breeding, we will continue this in the future. And this winter we received 4 big fish all over 25 kilo (56lbs).

In december 2023 we added 300 small fish a hybrid strain of du Der -Brenne commons.

On this page we would like to keep you informed about the latest catches, you can help us with this by sending us your catch photos telling us, weight,swim and date to