The Blackberry Lake is approximately 18 hectares in size with a total of 12.5 hectares of water. The lake is divided into 3 spacious double swims (swims 1, 2 and 3) and two single swims (swims 4a, 4b). If desired, these 2 single swims can also be fished as double swim 4A+B .


Below you will find more information about the swims and how best to fish them. The bailif is also willing to provide you with useful tips on location and update you on the current state of affairs.

Book a swim

If you are interested in booking a swim, please contact us for an overview of the available swims and dates.

On swim 1 "Primus" we started discovering the lake for the first time. There was no way out yet and this was the easiest place to release the first fish. A very spacious spot with many options.

Swim 2: "The Source " Through the field in the south, water flows into the lake via a spring, this washes away sand, creating a shallow plateau where the fish like to sunbathe.

"The Meadow swim"
On this meadow, you are centrally located on the lake. Fish always pass here on their way to the daytime holding areas. Swim 3 is also the closest swim to the ecological toilet.

Swim 4a/4b: "2îles" which can be booked as a single swim or, if desired, as a double swim. So, you can fish it together. Both swims offer access to several areas where the fish like to hang out.


Blackberry Lake is situated in quiet Villers and Prayères, in the north of France, between Reims and Laon. The address is:

Chemin des Mauchamps 1
02160 Villers en Prayères
Les Sept Vallons